About us



HomeConnect’s mission is to serve its clients, creating a close relationship with continuity and confidence. Once we hand over your virtual keys, our goal is your maximum satisfaction .


We at HomeConnect, know that holidays are of the utmost importance for our guests – where one day ends another starts, creating a new holiday story to recount! The ideal vaca- tion begins with the choosing of a holiday destination and then with a holiday home. Home- Connect has united these two worlds since 2016.

For the guest, who wants to feel home from home, whilst having the options of complemen- tary services, we offer a unique vacation rental experience where your holiday story is at the heart of what we do!

For the owner with limited time, we organise everything that involves managing your holiday home business, offering a personalised service that guarantees reservation success, and takes care of your property as if it is our own.

Finally, our partners help to prepare, to maintain and ensure the success of our services for owners and guests alike.


Hello, I am Ana Miranda

My story begins with a childhood passion for the sea, summer and nature. With a drive to unite these elements, I embarked on a tourism course which gave me the wonderful oppor- tunity to work with the Alexandre de Almeida Hotel chain for six years. Presented with some amazing opportunities my professional life took off.

Advertising, fascinating as it is, didn’t completely fulfil me, and I decided it was time to turn the page. So, after 14 years as an Ex- ecutive Producer I left Lisbon and came with my family to live in the picturesque village of Ericeira. Here, I found the roots that I was seeking .

Inspired by my surroundings I decided to fuse the harmony of the sea, tourism and nature, and founded HomeConnect Stories. My goal from the very start was to provide a ‘one of its kind’ short rental (AL) management service where the onus was on a personalised, bespoke and excellent service.

Although professionally HomeConnect drives me, the four other things that I cannot live without, are my family, my friends, the sea, and music . I absolutely love travelling, principally to destinations in the sun. Life is about moments and making stories and I am passionate about doing this for me personally, and for my HomeConnect clients.

Ana Miranda

Hey, my name is Nuno Duarte and my story begins with a click! When I was a kid I decided that the best way to see the world is through a camera! Inspired, I set about perfecting my craft and studied professional photography and video making.

For me, an image tells a thousand stories! It is a form of singular expression that brings together communication, information, and imortilises them in a unique moment. Capturing these instances is not only my profession but my passion.

As part of the HomeConnect team, I photograph our houses as well as local points of interest. But it’s the stories and experiences that tourists make whilst visiting Portugal that I really like to transmit through an image.

Nuno Duarte