Perched on magnificent , rugged cliffs lapped by the Atlantic Ocean, Ericeira is a refreshing tonic for those who want to reconnect with life. Visitors will be captivated by its blue and white signature buildings nestled together along white cobbled streets. In the centre of town, framed by cafes, is the square colloquially known as the ‘Joga da Bola’ . Stunning in summer with the trees in their full finery, the square beckons you to take a little shade and watch the world go by. Originally a fishing village, visitors can still see the towns heritage with the boats in the harbour, and can sample an array of local seafood in the assortment of restaurants scattered around the centre. The town is surrounded by sandy beaches and blessed with amazing views. With its unique Surf Reserve status, it is considered to be the surfing Mecca in Europe. So don’t be surprised to see plenty of young surfers chilling or making their way to the beach with boards tucked under their arms. In fact, it is the combination of the quaint fishing village and the surfing vibe that makes Ericeira so chilled and enticing. It perfect for any age group, as long as you appreciate nature and the life of the sea. From the traditional centre, villas and modern apartments form a backdrop to the town. With hills all around, from where ever you are standing, you will gain a splendid panoramic vision of cliffs and the Atlantic.

Just 40 minutes from Lisbon, Ericeira is popular with stylish Lisboetas who come for lunch, or pass the weekend chilling. Close by is the little town of Mafra with its towering palace, and only one hour away are other historic places such as Obidos, Nazarre and Peniche. Truly a little gem, Ericeira is a place where the land meets the ocean and one is at peace with the world.