Ericeira’s Beaches – Ericeira Guidal

Ericeira has numerous beaches, each one with its own characteristics. Get to know more about this here!

From the shouthest to the northest:


São Julião


Foz do Lizandro

This is the sanddiest beach of the region. “Foz” means “river mouth”, so you can also bathe in the river, which is clean and safe. This is also one of the best beaches to surf, so there’s surf equipment rentals and surf classes you can hire in site. Foz do Lizandro has several restaurantes and bars, which are open all the year, so even in the winter is common to see lot’s of people there. Another great thing about this beach – there’s a lot of parking spots!

Beach Ericeira

Foz do Lizandro

South Beach (praia do sul) and Fichermans’ Beach (praia dos pescadores)

In the center of the village there are the two most famous beaches in Ericeira – Praia do Sul and Praia dos Pescadores. These two are great for families with kids and groups of teens. Usually with no waves, they both have restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the sun while having a meal.


Matadouro beach is small and, because of that, gets crowed very easily. Positive side: is great to have surf lessons for begginers!


Empa is not a guarded beach, so for those who prefer to stay way from the crowds, this is the beach for you! Empa is big, wild, beautifull and unpredictable. The ocean and waves here depend on the weather conditions – if there’s no wind and the ocean is calm – it’s pretty safe. If not, you have to be carefull. Anyways, in the low tide you have natural pools surrounded by rocks, which is awesome !

Empa Beach Ericeira


Ribeira D’ilhas

Ribeira is well known worldwide among the surfers’ community. It is actually Europe’s first world surfing reserve and one of the mainest reasons why Ericeira became so popular! So, if one of you came to Ericeira to surf and/or to learn how to surf, this is the spot for you! Otherwise, we would’nt recommend this beach – it gets really crowded, the seabed is stone (which is unconfortable- trust me on that!) and the chances of being hit with a surf board in the head are really high! Nevertheless, everyone should, at least, go to the viewpoint of this beach (where you have the surfer statue).

Ericeira ocean

Praia Ribeira d’ilhas


Coxos is still a bit of a secret. It’s not near the center – you need to drive there – and the road is’nt tarred. However, this is a very charming beach, where you can get away from the crowd

Ericeira beach

Praia dos Coxos

São Lourenço

São Lourenço beach is the northest beach we will write about. Just like Foz do Lizandro, São Lourenço is big with lot’s of space



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