Terms & Conditions

All guests should be aware that when they make a booking, they are committing to every- thing contained in this Terms and Conditions document , so please read it carefully and check for updates in every booking.

The guest whose name is on the booking confirmation email will be responsible for the be- haviour of the entire group and agrees to avoid any and all illegal activity.

Required Age Limit

18 years of age is the minimum rental age



After booking the vacation home you will receive an e-mail and/or SMS message explaining the next procedures . You will be invited to fill in a Pre-Check-in form that is highly important in helping us provide a better service.

We cannot assume any responsibility if you fail to fill in this Pre-check-in form.

All information provided in this form is saved in our database. Any attempt to change it and violate the original information will invalidate the Pre-Check-in form, and you will be subject to a reservation cancellation.



At HomeConnect we want to make your check- in as easy and welcoming as possible, in order to do so, we request that you send your ETA 3 days before departure and an ALERT (WhatsApp is welcome) when you are 1 hour from your holiday home. Failure to do so, could mean that no one will be on hand to greet you at your check in, causing a delay to your settling in.

The keys for your rental home will be delivered by the person responsible for welcoming you on your arrival.

Late check-in

Any check-in between 10:00 pm and 08:00 am is subject to the payment of a late check-in fee of 30€ to be paid in cash.

When you check in, HomeConnect will provide you with one or two sets of keys depending on the number in your party.

Please be careful not to lose or leave it/them inside the house. Additional fees will be charged for lost keys or lock-outs and the resolution might take up to 24 hours, or even more

if it depends on third party services.
Emergency visit (between 9:00am and 10:00pm) – 0€ Emergency visit (between 10:00pm and 8:00am) – 30€

Hiring a locksmith service – You will be responsible for the full fee charged by the locksmith. The service provider’s fee is based upon the complexity, materials, time spent and other vari- ables.

Please be advised that it may take up to 1 hour for our staff to arrive in order to assess the situation and take action.



All the appliances and amenities are described on the accommodation page. HomeConnect can not provide any item that is not listed, like air conditioner, etc.

If an appliance does not work, or you are not sure about how to use any device in the house, you should contact us.



If you detect some anomalies in your rental home, these must be communicated forthwith to the property manager who will book a visit. You will then be advised on the time of en- try to the property, and where possible a mutually agreeable time will be arranged to suit both parties. However, if a common time is not possible, we reserve the right to access the property even when you can not be present. Nonetheless, your privacy will be of the utmost importance, and we will strive to respect it .

Depending on the problem, the resolution might take up to 72 hours, or even more if it de- pends on third party services.

You have primary responsibility for your own safety during your stay, and must listen to any instruction or explanation at check-in.

Items left in the house

Any belongings left at the property after check out can be returned upon request. However, you will be responsible for all expenses related to the process.


The cleaning of the house will be carried out before and after each stay.

Nonetheless, we ask you to respect the basic hygiene rules, for instance do not leave dirty dishes to wash on your departure, or the house in disarray. This can have consequences for the next check in.

Please take out the rubbish, do not leave it outside the door of the house or outside the door of the building. Use the ecological rubbish bins in the street that are provided for this purpose.

Our basic service includes one set of towels, bed linen and hand soap for each reservation. Additional cleaning services and products, including a change of sheets and towels are avail- able on request for an additional fee.


We are animal appreciative, however because of various reasons (pet behaviour can vary widely, their hair can be difficult to remove from a premise and furniture, lingering odour, even hygiene accidents or damage which could be deemed unacceptable by subsequent guests) pets are not accepted during the stay.

Smoking policy

All properties are entirely non-smoking indoors.

Times of silence and noise

We will be grateful if you could keep noise at a minimum between 10pm and 9am out of respect for other tenants.

Parties and Events

Are not allowed.



All guests must respect the check-out time, and must inform us the day before of the hour, so we can be present.

Guests that fail to leave before the check-out time will be charged for an additional full day’s accommodation fee. If you refuse to leave on time, HomeConnect reserves the right to enter the accommodation, remove your belongings, change the locks, and also to take any further necessary action. ( You will be charged for the costs of any such action.)



Only the number of guests specified in the booking may stay at the accommodation. The number of people who may use the house should not exceed the amount indicated on the house page. If the number of guests exceeds the limit, we reserve the right to require guests to leave the apartment without any compensation or refund of fees paid.

Refundable damage deposit

The value given at check-in, in cash, will be returned if there are no extra costs to the stay or any damage to the accommodation.

Guests must notify of any damage which occurs during the stay to the contents, fixtures, or fittings, even if its considered to be regular wear and tear, or even if you do not believe the damage is your fault. If you do not notify of any such damage, you will be liable up to the cost of a full replacement.

You must agree not to access any cupboard, closet, or drawer which has been sealed with tamper tape, and also agree to pay a fixed charge, as set in the house rules, for any breach of any tamper tape.



The photos and descriptions of the houses are produced by HomeConnect and have
been reviewed by the owners. Changes in the house may occur compared to the pictures on the website, without compromising the overall condition and amenities.

We won’t compensate guests, refund fees, or relocate guests to other apartments based on taste or the likeness of the house. It is your responsibility to ensure, before booking, that the area or neighbourhood you choose to stay in is to your liking.

HomeConnect shall not be responsible for any damage, caused directly or indirectly, that may occur during your stay in the house, such as (but not limited to): injury to person or possessions, theft or criminal behaviour, losses due to fire or misconduct, etc. The same ap- plies in respect to any deficiencies in the supply of gas, electricity, water, telephone or inter- net.

HomeConnect is not responsible for potential delays, accidents, loss, or change of schedule or rates that are related to our supplier’s services.

HomeConnect is not responsible for errors and omissions, misrepresentation by third parties, disputes between a guest and a third party.

In the event guests fail to comply with these terms and conditions, or in the case of misbe- haviour by the guests, HomeConnect reserves the right to require guests to leave the apart- ment without any compensation or refund of fees paid.



In the rare case that a reserved house becomes unavailable, due to unforseen circumstances,

for example damage from a water leak, or by any circumstance beyond our control, Home- Connect will not be liable for the inconvenience caused, however we will take any necessary steps to relocate the guest to a house with similar characteristics.

If the guest does not accept the relocation, the total amount (excluding costs related to the days when the apartment was used by the guest, if applicable) will be refunded, but neither the owner or HomeConnect will be liable to the guest for any further amount in respect to the cancellation of the booking.

HomeConnect reserves the right:

  • To enter the accommodation, remove your belongings, change the locks, and also to take any further necessary action, if during your stay any of the rules are not being ful- filled, or some other situation that infringes common sense and respect. In such a sit- uation, the value of the booking and the deposit will not be refunded, and if there any extra costs you will be charged for any such action.
  • To call the police to take care of any situation that is considered critical or urgent.